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What is ShopBack?

ShopBack is an incredible cash back site that is currently operational in nine countries around the world; Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. But what exactly is a cash back site?

A cash back site allows shoppers, as the name suggests, to literally receive cash back when they make purchases through select company’s. It probably sounds too good to be true, but that is how cash back sites work.

ShopBack itself offers cash back to its users who make purchases with a wide range of company’s. These company’s are house-hold and reputable brands such as (at the time of writing); Apple, Agoda, Emirates, David Jones, Dan Murphy’s, Nike, Sony and Tommy Hilfiger. These are only a handful of companies out of the hundreds that ShopBack cash back applies too.

Effectively, the ShopBack platform offers its users discounts in the form of cash back on a wide range of purchases for the price of…. absolutely nothing. Creating a ShopBack account is completely free and can be done in minutes.

Whether you are buying a bottle of wine for the weekend or booking a trip overseas, you can save money through using ShopBack. These discounts often range from between 1%-30%.

You can create a free ShopBack account here – if you use my link ShopBack will give you $10 when you create your account. The easiest $10 you will ever make!

How Does ShopBack Work?

Getting started with ShopBack seriously could not be simpler. Once you make your way to the ShopBack website or app, all you have to do is create an account by entering your email address and a few other bits of information – this will honestly take you two minutes and is all completely free to do.

Once you have created your account you are ready to earn cash back! From ShopBack’s site or app, you can browse the hundred’s of stores that they are affiliated with to see which of your favourite stores you can get cash back from.

From here you simply click on the store that you want to purchase from and it will take you through to their website. You simply shop as you normally would and ShopBack will record the purchase and debit your ShopBack account with your cash back.

ShopBack will show you how much cash back you will get from each company in the form of a percentage. For example if a store has 3% cash back and you make a $100 purchase, you will get $3 back which will show up in your ShopBack account and is withdraw-able once your balance hits $10.

ShopBack Deals

ShopBack Features

ShopBack Button | The ShopBack button is a Chrome or Firefox extension. The extension is installed into your browser, once it is installed you will receive cash back when you make purchases from the stores that ShopBack is affiliated with. This feature essentially cuts out the need to go onto the site first. Instead, you can shop as you normally would and still receive cash back. This feature is aimed to make using the app even more convenient to its users.

Upsized Cashback | Each day ShopBack will offer its users ‘upsized’ deals. This means that the cash back rate for that particular shop is increased. The amount that the rates are increased varies significantly, but at the time of writing some increases are as large as 50% to 80% (Norton) and 2% to 8% (North Face).

iPhone & Android App | For those of you who might complete most of your online shopping through your phone, your are in luck! ShopBack have apps that can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. The app essentially works exactly the same as the website yet saves you the hassle of having to log on to your computer.

ShopBack Extension

Why Should You Use ShopBack?

The real question that you should ask yourself is why shouldn’t I use ShopBack? It is a completely free platform that allows you to save on a range of purchases. ShopBack could realistically help you save close to a thousand dollars a year.

Now you might be thinking jeez whats the big deal, it’s only a thousand dollars. Considering it takes literally only a handful of minutes to create an account, it is likely the easiest $1000 that you will ever save.

In todays world everything costs something, why not treat yourself to some free savings! $1000 saved over a year could get you 200 cafe coffees, 50 parma’s from the pub or 10 tank’s worth of petrol! Suddenly when you look at it like that, the 3 minutes that it takes to create an account suddenly becomes worth it.

How to Create a ShopBack Account?

Creating a ShopBack account honestly could not be simpler. Click on the ‘signup’ tab on the website or app and enter your email address, phone number and a few other bits of information and you are all set. The whole process will take you at most 5-10 minutes.

You can create an account here – if you use this link ShopBack will even give you $10 upon creating an account for absolutely nothing.

Create a ShopBack account


Is the ShopBack button safe: ShopBack pledges that their button is completely safe. All personal information is not distributed to third parties.

Does your our cash back expire: CashBack accumulated through ShopBack will expire after a period of 12 months if no transactions are made for more than a year in your account.

Is there a limit to my cash back withdrawal: To be able to withdraw from your cash back account, you must have a balance of over $10. Other than this, the only other limit is that you cannot earn more than $300 cash back in a single day.

ShopBack Review Summary

At Aussie FI, our financial independence formula involves three components; increase income (check out our matched betting guide here), increase savings and invest aggressively. Finding ways to save isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes there is only so frugal you can be.

The perfect thing about ShopBack is that it is one of the only ways that you can increase your savings, without actually having to give up anything in your life.

Think about it this way. If you start a side hustle, the financial benefit is the extra money that you earn, but the cost of this is the time that you lost earning that money. Similarly, if you cut down on eating take out food, the benefit is that you are saving money, yet the cost is that you no longer get to enjoy eating take out food.

With ShopBack, you get to enjoy potentially hundreds of dollars a year in savings, but you are not giving up anything in return. It really is as close as you will get to free money.

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