Top 5 Personal Finance Books

Want to get better at managing your money but don’t know where to start? The world of personal finance is one that is filled with an enormous amount of information. Some good, some not so good and some blatantly terrible. For the average person wanting to educate themselves on the topic of personal finance, it can be overwhelming and near on impossible to even know where to start. Should you ask family, ask friends, ask a financial advisor, ask the internet? Whilst you may stumble across some useful information, the realm of personal finance is truly one where knowledge = power. And the best way to gain knowledge is to read books. Books can be your biggest weapon. You don’t need to have an IQ of 200 to dominate your personal finances when you have access to the minds and insights of some of the world’s most financially savvy individuals at the click of a button.  

Remember, knowledge = power. I hope one or all of these books helps you on your personal finance journey.

Here is my list of the Top 5 Personal Finance Books in no particular order.

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  1. 1. The Richest Man in Babylon by George Samuel Classon

The Richest Man in Babylon in an absolute classic personal finance novel. It is based on ancient “Babylonian Parables” that can be used to build wealth. The book is written in a way that is extremely easy to understand and beginner friendly. It essentially depicts the accumulation of wealth as a bi-product of following a series of simples steps or as George puts it, “parables”. You can purchase a copy of this book at

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad is an absolute must read for anyone on a personal finance journey. Robert himself describes aspects of his childhood and his relationship and financial advice he received from his biological father (poor dad) and the father of his best friend (rich dad) which vastly differed. Kyosaki taps into some extremely important areas such as having money work for you vs working for money. You can purchase a copy of this book at

3. The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J Stanley

You want to get better at managing your money? What better way to do that than to study the habits of people who are the best in the business of doing just that. Stanley’s book does just that by providing the results of interviewing some of Americas top millionaires. The number of similarities these individuals posses is fascinating and rather surprising. Some key points include that they all spend significantly less than they earn and that they all avoid buying materialistic or status items and living excessive lifestyles. You can purchase a copy of this book at

4. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

As you may or may not know, one of the keys to building wealth is to buy assets that produce assets. You have likely heard the phrases “make money whilst you sleep” or “make your money work for you”. This is achieved through investments. Investing in the stock market is often the vehicle chosen to do so. Why should you buy this book? Because Warren Buffet stated that this is “by far the best book on investing ever written”. Who is Warren Buffet and why should you give a damn? Because he is undoubtedly the best stock market investor to have ever lived and has a net worth of over $100 Billions USD. Case Closed. You can purchase a copy of this book at

5. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is vastly different to the majority of books surrounding personal finance. There is no mention of numbers, investing or financial principles. Hill explores the mentality required for success in general. Desire to succeed, faith in what you are doing, imagination & persistence are all key pillars that Hill touches on. Napoleon Hill’s principles are designed to unleash the often restricted power of ones mind which can be pivotal in the world of personal finance. You can purchase a copy of this book at

Keep learning about personal finance!

Whilst there are an infinite amount of personal finance books these 5 are my favourites and are what I would recommend to anyone that wants to increase there knowledge in the field of money and personal finance. These books contain an astonishing amount of wisdom that can well and truly kickstart you on your personal finance journey. If you have read these five books, there are hundreds of informative books on personal finance that can be found on Amazon, all of which are likely to offer different pieces of useful information to help expand your knowledge and understanding.

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